Tuesday 23 March 2010


Riley Auditorium

Elton Room

Bowring Room


Keynote 2: The Power of the Collective
Allison Littlejohn, Glasgow Caledonian University



Chair: Chris Pegler
1053 Improving the OER Experience: Enabling Rich Media Notebooks of OER Video and Audio. Muramatsu, B.

Chair: Heather Wharrad
1014 Demystifying Re-Usable Learning Objects.
Barnes, D.

Chair: Patrick McAndrew
1046 Producing DAISY talking books for Open
Educational Resources without manual intervention. Schmidt, G.


1052 Captivate: audience engagement and open
educational content in the visual arts.
Gramstadt, M.-T.

1062 Never mind the technology – why would we share? Duncan, C.

1029 OER: Simulation Learning. McKellar, P.


R E F R E S H M E N T S  (Garden Room)


Chair: Charles Duncan
1002 Designing for innovation around OER.
Lane, A.

1064 Symposium
Open Educational Resources.  The “Health-E option?"
Chair: Richard Windle

Chair: Sharon Waller
1055 Reuse: the other side of sharing OER. Pegler, C.


1016 Repurposing with a purpose – a story with a happy ending. Greaves, L.

1003 Exploring institutional attitudes to open learning, the BERLiN experience. Beggan, A


1035 Dimensions of Culturally Sensitive Factors in the Design and Development of Learning Objects. Boyle, T.

1045 VirtualDutch : Open Educational Resources and Distance Learning in a Lesser Taught Language Community. Tiedau, U.


L U N C H (Garden Room)
Poster Session (1005, 1070, 1073)


Chair: Dawn Leeder
1031 Opening up special collections: the use of GLO Maker with resources from the Women's Library. Holley, D.

1065 Workshop
Minds are like parachutes; they work best when open
Beetham, H., McGill, L. & Littlejohn, A.

Chair:Tom Boyle
1023 The Open University on iTunes U: Developing an editorial framework and sustainable production workflows: An OER case study. Chambers, C.


1042 The 4C Initiative: A Case Study on Digital Content Capacity Building. Bruton, N.

1051 Cultural Imperialism or Multicultural Mix? Promoting OER reuse through collaboration. Santos, A. I.


1058 Process Arts a new collaborative online studio community exploring Process in Arts Practice. Follows, C.

1028 OER Adaptation and Reuse across cultural contexts in Sub Saharan Africa: Lessons from the TESSA consortium. Wolfenden, F. & Keraro, F.


R E F R E S H M E N T S  (Garden Room)


Chair: David Kernohan
1008 OER and Marketing Opportunities. Stannard, R.

1044 Workshop
Organising Open Educational Resources (OOER)
Quentin-Baxter, M., Hardy, S. & Williams, J.

Chair: Peter Burnhill
1009 Towards OER: designing repository architecture and processes to support educational resource sharing. Trikić, A.


1010 Using a Structured Approach to Authoring OER Content: An Evaluation of Two Cases.
Banks, F.

1021 Resource description, discovery and metadata for Open Educational Resources. Robertson, R. J., Barker, P. & Campbell, L.


1040 The Global Grid for Learning: Unifying Commercial and OER Providers Through A Single Digital Content Supply Network for Global Education. Lynn, T

1056 Exploring the links between digital scholarship and open educational communities. Scanlon, E.



R E C E P T I O N  (Clare College Bar)
G A L A  D I N N E R  (Great Hall)

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