OER1070 Poster

Interactive Flash-multimedia in a PDF-document - the solution for a new breed of multipurpose e-learning applications

Atle Løkken, Karsten Tillerli, Joanne Teresa Kleppe, University of Stavanger, Norway

Conference Theme: OER Design

Abstract: The recent launch of Adobe’s software packages (CS4 and CS5) has made it feasible to integrate Flash-content in PDF-publications, read in Adobe Reader. The solution exploits the best features of the traditionally two separate worlds of interactive multimedia and standardised, digital publication of documents and graphics, and lays the ground for a completely new breed of e-learning applications. The University of Stavanger, Norway, explores the new features of the PDF-format in the development of e-learning material to a web based bachelor education in nursing. The poster will show several examples of e-learning applications based on the solution, the methodology it constitutes, its benefits and challenges.

Keywords: PDF, FLASH, CS4, CS5,Adobe, Reader, interactive