OER1073 Poster

Open Education Repository in Support of Computer Science

Hagan, S.J., McCaffrey, S., Fraser, S., Subject Centre for Information and Computer Sciences, University of Ulster

Conference Theme: Open Educational Content /Open educational communities

Abstract: This JISC-funded collaborative OER Project created a OE Repository in support of Computer Science which collated high-quality reusable learning units under five thematic areas (Systems Analysis and Design; Computer Programming; Data and Computer Networks; Databases and Development of Problem-solving Skills.) The presentation will summarily address the challenges faced in making approximately 700 independent study elements from current award-bearing undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes available.  In doing, the Project Team addressed issues of IPR, accessibility, retention of pedagogical context and hierarchical metadata tagging.  The Subject Centre and five GB higher education institutions (London Metropolitan University, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Portsmouth, Teesside University and University of the West of England, Bristol) addressed issues including appropriate engagement of higher educational subject communities, negotiation of technical barriers of accessibility, compliance with legal restraints and the best use of metadata.

Keywords: Reusable; Independent study elements; Learning units; Readme file; hierarchical metadata tagging.

References: Boyle, T. (2003) Design principles for authoring dynamic, reusable learning objects.  Australian Journal of Educational Technology, 19, 1, 46-58.