OER1072 Demonstration

Opencast Matterhorn Release 0.5 - Start Climbing!

Bjoern Hassler, University of Cambridge

Conference Theme: Open Educational Content

Intended audience: Academics, those who have an interest in lecture recording

Abstract: Opencast Matterhorn [1] is a free, open source platform to support the management of educational audio and video content. Institutions will use Matterhorn to produce lecture recordings, manage existing video, serve designated distribution channels, and provide user interfaces to engage students with educational videos. The 0.5 alpha release offers institutions and individuals a preview of Matterhorn's functionality, including the basics to capture, encode, distribute, and play media, lecture capture automation, and workflow flexibility. The demonstration is aimed at academics who have an interest in lecture recording, but is also suitable for technical staff wishing to obtain an overview of Matterhorn. For those interested in taking Matterhorn forward, further support through the UK-based Steeple-BR project [2] is available.

Keywords: Opencast Matterhorn, Open Source, OER

[1] http://www.opencastproject.org/project/matterhorn
[2] http://www.steeple.org.uk