OER1071 Demonstration glo

How to get GLO-ing: GLO Maker 2.1 unleashed

Alan Leeder, University of Cambridge

Conference Theme: Open Education Content

Intended audience: Academics who wish to develop their own OER content; developers wishing to develop rich interactive content for the GLO Maker; anyone interested in authoring high quality content

Abstract: GLO-Maker [1], developed by the Reusable Learning Objects CETL [2], is a powerful yet simple to use multimedia authoring tool for creating media rich learning objects which lends itself to OER content production. The learning objects can be accessed from the Web or the desktop. At the core of good learning objects is good design and 'real-world' learning designs, extracted from practitioner-focused workshops are expressed explicitly in the tool. They provide the framework for creating new learning objects and are expressed as a sequence of pedagogical functions (e.g. “orient” – “comprehend” – “apply”). GLO Maker 2 also creates a default set of screen layouts to realise the chosen functions and provides pedagogical guidance with these screens. At the simplest level you can add content to the layouts provided. The tool supports a range of rich media content. The learning objects are easy to adapt to suit local needs and preferences. Each learning object can simly be loaded back into the tool, edited, and the
new adapted version saved. This demo will consist of a walk-through of the key features of the tool and show some examples of how it has been used in practice, focussing on a case to update a series of somewhat dated online lectures in Medical Sociology at the University of Cambridge to transform them into visually stunning and pedagogically effective audio and video podcasts to support 21st century teaching.

Keywords: GLO Maker, Learning Objects, OER

[1] http://www.glomaker.org/
[2] http://www.rlo-cetl.ac.uk/