OER1048 Demonstration ppt

JorumOpen - DSpace as an OER Repository

Peter Burnhill, EDINA, University of Edinburgh

Conference Theme: Open Educational Content

Intended audience: Technical software engineers, repository managers.

Abstract: Open Educational Resource (OER) creation has gained significant momentum recently, thanks to projects such as the OER pilot programme. With the possibility of an increase of OERs available to educational staff - how can an end user find open content which is useful to them? Jorum, a JISC-funded Service in Development, has been committed to collecting and sharing learning and teaching materials within the UK Further and Higher Education community. With the advent of “open” content, Jorum is launching a new option in January 2010 - JorumOpen, which will provide a central place to find nationally hosted learning materials developed by the UK Further and Higher Education sector. JorumOpen will allow any user, from any country, free and unrestricted access (without authentication) to learning materials licensed under a Creative Commons licence. The central component of JorumOpen is the open source digital repository DSpace, which was originally developed by MIT Libraries. To facilitate an open access digital learning resource repository, the Jorum team has made significant modifications to the DSpace software, which include:

This demonstration will showcase JorumOpen in detail, highlighting the technical changes made to the underlying repository platform, and also covering the various ways in which resources can be found in Jorum:

Keywords: OER, Jorum, JISC, Learning, Teaching, Materials, Open, JorumOpen, DSpace, SCORM, Metadata, Technical, Search

http://libraries.mit.edu/dspace-mit/index.html or http://libraries.mit.edu