OER1030 Oral Presentation pdf

Unicycle – A sustainable model for institutional implementation of OER

Simon Thomson, Nick Sheppard, Leeds Metropolitan University

Conference Theme: Open Educational Communities

Abstract: As part of the pilot study into OER funded by JISC and the HE Academy Leeds Metropolitan University has set out to establish a sustainable OER network within the institution which aims to develop a cultural awareness of OER materials, their development, use, and reuse. This case study will be presented to outline areas of good practice, pitfalls and guidelines for future development. Leeds Met has set out to engage all areas of the institution in the development and use of OER materials. We will present our findings with regards to the technical and physical requirements of an institutional OER repository, support and management of content, data collection, ipr, storage and retrieval. We will also present our findings on our strategic approach to engaging staff in the creation and use of OER materials, including managing IPR issues, diversity of subject area requirements, quality control and co-ordination of content. We will present our “unicycle” model of sharing and engagement that will demonstrate our engagement approach with regard to strategic inclusion of OER as part of a wider assessment, learning and teaching strategy. The presentation will also examine the work we have done locally and in conversation with national colleagues on the consideration for a robust reward and recognition programme to engage and encourage academic staff to provide materials for OER use. The presentation will also include a demonstration of our Open repository for submission and retrieval of OER content, and our work with Open JORUM to develop a national repository of Open Educational Resources. Above all the presentation will offer an insight into a strategy and approach to OER that aims to create a sustainable model for OER long after the initial funding has elapsed.

Keywords: Oer, unicyle, JISC, Leeds Met, strategy, institutional, HE Academy, reward and recognition, repository, open search

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